Investments of New Generation Minimum Deposit – from 0.01 ETH

The Ethersmart project is based on the advanced Blockchain Ethereum technology and offers you a lifetime income of 2.5% to 5% per day. The system of distributing funds among participants is based on an autonomous smart contract. Invest easily and safely!

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Profit percentage chart

5% daily when Ethersmart balance >10000 ETH

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4 Easy Steps to Join Ethersmart


Open your Ether wallet

Go through a simple registration on one of the reliable Ether services and replenish your account.
We recommend the following wallets (PC): Myetherwallet, Metamask, Mycrypto. Mobile application: TrustWallet.
How to deposit your account: use the platform service Bestchange

Make a deposit

Send any amount from your ETH wallet to the smart contract address (at least 0.01 ETH, afterwards your wallet balance must be at least 0.002 ETH to pay the commission)
The recommended gas limits is 200000, and the current gas price is 3

Contract address Ethersmart:

ATTENTION! It is forbidden to send money from exchanges! You can only send from your personal ETH wallet!

Check your transaction

Make sure that the transfer has been successfully made to the smart contract. You can do this in the history of your wallet transactions or on the service Etherscan by indicating your ETH address.

Get a lifetime income

The contract saves the time and amount of your deposit. Beginning immediately and within 24 hours, every minute it accrues the current interest (see Marketing).
At any time of the day you can order the withdrawal of the accrued interest from your deposit (deposits).
To do this, send 0 ETH (0.000001 ETH if you use Jaxx) to the smart contract address 0xBeeFd8fb3B5778F99e021Afa2E41E0614AF6Af11
(Recommended gas limits is 200000, and the current gas price is Ethgasstation)

About smart contract

This is the time for new technologies

The Ethersmart project is based on the Blockchain Ethereum smart contract, which means that all transactions are public and reliably protected from outside interference. Along with this, we see a new stage in the development of decentralized systems and offer you to join this progressive community and earn super profits.

Why Ethersmart smart contract?

  • It is uploaded to Blockchain and has an active “Refuse from owning” function. View Code
  • It has been audited and tested for vulnerability by independent companies of experts.
  • Guaranteed security and transparency of all deductions from the project


Independent analysis of the Ethersmart smart contract code

video review

What participants say about the project



The current state of Ethersmart fund

Smart contract balance

0.00 ETH

Days since the start


Active investors


Investment distribution


  • Contract name Ethersmart
  • Payment method ETH
Gas Price 3
Gas Limits 200000
Smart contract balance 0.00 ETH
  • Payouts Lifelong
  • Affiliate program 2%
  • Refback 2%
  • Income 2.5% - 5%
  • Accruals Every minute (by blocks)
  • Min. amount 0.01 ETH
  • Max. amount No limits
  • 91% Investors Fund
  • 7% Advertising
  • 2% Technical Support

Personal stat

Enter your Ethereum wallet address

  • Total invested

    0.00000000 ETH

  • Total payout

    0.00000000 ETH

  • Available to withdraw

    0.00000000 ETH

  • Last payout

  • Percent now


Affiliate program

For active participants

The qualitative development of any project largely depends on the active position of its participants. Recommend Ethersmart on social networks and other advertising platforms, and earn an additional reward:

  • 2% for each deposit made by affiliates
  • 2% of the deposit is received by the investor to their wallet, if they indicated the address of their inviter (upline) in the data field
  • If the participant has not specified an upline, in this case 2% from deposit will be credited to the advertising budget
  • When making the every deposit, the referral must indicate your wallet in the data field!
  • You must have a deposit in the contract, otherwise the person invited by you will not be assigned to you.



Circumspect marketing

The project offers its participants a unique system of interest accruals. Your profit depends on the amount of ETH on the contract balance. In its turn, this marketing stabilizes the income and expenditure of funds and makes the project more viable.

Security of investments

Your funds are controlled by the safest system invented by human beings until now. The Blockchain technology of smart contracts guarantees fair performance of obligations by all contract parties.

Instant payments

To order a payment, you need to send 0 ETH to the contract address and the system will automatically send the accrued interest from your deposits to your address.

High quality support

To ensure maximum conversion from the advertising campaign and comfortable familiarization of new participants with the rules of investing in a smart contract, we will provide comprehensive support and advice in various forms, such as Telegram and Online Support on the website.

Competent approach to development

We have vast experience in the development of investment projects and a good reputation among partners on the development and promotion of financial resources.

Protection from external interference

The smart contract is based on the decentralized Blockchain technology and protects the Ethersmart project from any external interference whether administration or government officials. The system is completely autonomous and safe to use.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is Ethersmart?

    Ethersmart is an investment project based on the Blockchain Ethereum smart contract that has the function of “Refusal from owning” and an open source code. This means that all terms and conditions of the contract will be complied with irreproachably and its founders cannot change the code or take away the investors’ money.

  • I do not have Ether, what should I do?

    You can use exchange services on the website: Choose the currency you want to buy Ether for in the left column, and the ETH cryptocurrency in the right column.

  • Why payments are lifetime?

    The smart contract is programmed in such a way that it will pay interests to all investors until it runs out of funds.

  • What makes you different from other similar projects?

    • Dynamic interest, whose value depends on the amount of ETH on the balance of the contract. The more it is, the higher the interest is, and vice versa. This tactic allows you to automatically regulate the inflow and expenditure of funds, which has a positive impact on the project development.
    • The lowest percentage of administration deductions 2%, for the development and maintenance of the site.
    • International development. The administration of Ethersmart has affiliates around the world in the area of investment services and we will use this instrument for the planned development of the project. Besides, the website will be translated into other languages for investors from around the world to easily view.
    • Online Support. The clients from the website are serviced by highly qualified specialists. You can ask any questions online.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, we do. Before sending ETH, the person you invited must specify your wallet address in the data field and you will get 2% from each deposit they make. Besides, referrals will get an automatic referral back in the amount of 2% to their address if they indicate you as a senior sponsor.

  • How to verify that your smart contract is honest?

    You can find the source code at Ethersmart

  • What does “Refuse from owning” mean?

    This means that the contractor cannot change it after it has been uploaded into the blockchain. All the prescribed algorithms will always work this way